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Almost every Brazilian Buttock augmentation patient has the same questions. How much does Brazilian butt lift cost? Will Brazilian Buttock Lift give me the size that I want? Some questions just can’t be generically answered if I’m trying to be helpful. Instead, I like to give my Dallas and Plano patients little tips after getting a Brazilian Buttock Lift.

First, I recommend that you don’t sit on the graft (your butt) for 2 weeks. This is hard to do with pain in your liposuction sites. Secondly, I read about helpful little hints to accentuate your back side. Go Indigo. Dark-rinse jeans make your butt look smaller and tighter. If you wear white jeans choose a thick denim. Thicker weaves shape you. Also be well-heeled. Go higher to get rounder. Lastly, wearing high heels puts an arch in your back that lifts the butt and gives it a perkier shape.

If you would like to learn more about the Brazilian Buttock Lift visit the website to schedule a consultation or call the office 214-823-1691 and speak to one of my helpful employee’s they will be glad to assist you!