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Challenges Encountered

On occasion, even careful planning and excellent surgical technique can produce disappointing surgical results or unmet expectations following breast enhancement surgery procedures such as breast reduction or breast augmentation. Revision surgery may help women who are disappointed with their results immediately after breast surgery as well as those who have seen unwelcome changes in their outcome over time.

Challenges and Solutions

Here you’ll find visual examples of common complications that may result from a breast augmentation.

Bottoming Out & Stretch Deformity

Lengthened nipple-to-fold distance due to skin stretching, resulting in the breast pocket that is lower than desired.

Bottoming Out Diagram

Inferior and Lateral Fold Malpositions

The inframammary fold or lateral fold is compromised, causing the breast pocket to migrate inferiorly or laterally.

Fold Malposition Diagram


Medial malposition due to weak tissue resulting in breasts too close together or even touching.

Breast Symmastia Diagram

Wrinkling and Rippling

Presence of wrinkles, ripples, or irregular contours due to weak or thin tissue.

Wrinkling and Rippling Diagram

Capsular Contracture

Misshapen, firm or painful breasts, which result from contracture of the capsule, may require capsulectomy.

Capsular Contracture Diagram

Mastopexy Augmentation

Mastopexy Augmentation is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts.

Mastopexy Diagram

When considering breast revision surgery, your surgeon may recommend the use of a product known as Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix (TM). Strattice™ TM is a tool to assist in addressing challenges encountered in mastopexy augmentation and revisionary procedures due to weak or inadequate tissue.