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Brazilian Buttock Lift Dallas and Plano, TX

As we age the skin loses elasticity, muscles and fat begin to shift and everything starts to sag. After significant weight loss this is also a common concern. A brazilian butt lift procedure is designed to lift the buttock to a more youthful and attractive position. A Brazilian butt lift is often performed as part of a body contouring or body lift procedure, though it is also performed on its own.

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Utilizing fat injections to create a brazilian butt lift is often referred to as Brazilian butt lift. In order to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks, butt implants or fat injections may best be used instead.

A basic brazilian butt lift procedure will be done under anesthesia and a part of the skin and fat is removed from the upper section of the buttock. The incision will be made in a place that can be hidden by most clothing and swim wear. This procedure, on its own, is considered an outpatient procedure and some results will be visible immediately. A more true representation of results will be revealed as the swelling goes down.

As with all procedures, there are risks which you should carefully discuss with your Plastic Surgeon. Ideal patients are in good physical and mental health, non-smokers and have realistic expectations for the procedure and its potential results. During your recovery, your Plastic Surgeon will give you a list of rules and guidelines to follow in order to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. If you experience any chest pain or shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately.

If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime after you heal from the butt lift procedure, you should be able to continue to enjoy the results of the procedure for some time to come.

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